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Welcome to 1st Grade

Teacher: Mrs. Karen Carrigan (




This is the second week of Advent-Peace.

There will be no new spelling words the week of Dec. 18-22, 2017.  We will assess  Book 2 skills as well as work on Christmas activities.


This week we will spell long e words; e, ee

Spelling Words

1.   be

2.   feet

3.   he

4.   see

5.   we

6.   green

7.   me

8.   she 

9.   tree

10.  week

High-Frequency Words

11.  some

12.  family

Reading:  We are reading the story "Honey Bees."  The vocabulary words are; family, other, also, their, some, new, queen,worker, hidden, keep, honey, grow. nectar, sweet, pollen, sleep.  The skills are long e words, two syllable words (vccv),  and compare and contrast.

Math:  We are working on making and understanding picture graphs, tally marks and bar graphs.  We contine to work on math facts.  Please begin to memorize math facts.  Knowledge of math facts makes math easier and more enjoyable for your child.  Christmas is around the corner-Flash cards are a great idea.

Homework:  Please do Lexia for two sessions this week.

Monday: Write spelling words three times each.  Read decodable book #23 "The Seed." (skill: long e words.)

Tuesday: Write sentences for selected spelling words and draw a picture.  Read decodable book #24 "Bandit."   (skill: two syllable words)

Wednesday; Math fact worksheet

Thursday: Study for spelling test on Friday.


This week we begin the season of Advent.  We will be lighting the first purple candle.

There is a food drive through Dec. 14th to help those in need. This will go to the St. Vincent Depaul Society of  St Jean Jugan. (the St. Bernard and Holy Family parishes.) The kindergarten and first graders are being asked the bring in stuffing and gravy.

On Wednesday, Dec. 6th there will be a fundraiser at Red Robin from 5-8pm.  Enjoy an evening without cooking and helping SBS.

On Thursday, Dec. 7th, there is a dress down to help the Springfield Ronald McDonald House. A minimum $5.00 donation is appreciated.

On Friday, Dec. 8th we will attend mass for the Soleminity of the Immaculate Conception. Please join use if you can. Mass is currently scheduled for 1:15pm. 

Please send students dressed  in a warm jacket or coat appropriate for the outdoor temperatures.  If the temperature is 32 degrees or above,the students will be gathering outside prpior to  the 8:15am bell and for recess.  Hats and mittens are advised so students feel comfortable outside.


This week we will spell words with the long u sound. (CVCe)

Spelling Words

1.   huge

2.   June

3.   rule

4.   tube

5.   use

6.   cube

7.   cute

8.   flute

9.   rude

10.  mule

High-Frequency Words

11.  water

12.  under

Reading:  We are reading the story "Life in the Forest." The vocabulary words are: grow, food, around, find, water, under, these, eve, pecked, leaves, tubes, filled, hummingbird, bear.  The skills are author's purpose and living things vs. non-living things, long e words spelled with the cvce pattern.

Math:  We continue to practice math facts with sums through 10 and differences from 10.  We are also beginning the chapter on Data and Graphing.  This will include collecting data and using tally marks, making and reading picture graphs and bar graphs, and interpreting data.


Please do Lexia for 2 twenty minute sessions.  Frequently reading will make all aspects of the curriculum easier and more enjoyable for the students.

Monday:  Read decodable book # 21 "June and Mule."  Write spelling words 3x each neatly.

Tuesday: Read decodable book #22 "Luke Meets Duke."  Write sentences for selected spelling words and draw a picture for one of the sentences.

Wednesday: Math fact worksheet

Thursday:  Study for spelling test.




Start saving those boxtops.  There are many competitions throughout the year.  These boxtops are on many products enjoyed by young children so take a look at the products you purchase as well as the ones you have at home. Good luck to my class.

This week we will attend first Friday mass on December 1st, Please join us if you can.

This week we are spelling long o words.

Spelling Words

1.   home

2.   hope

3.   rose

4.   woke

5.   those

6.   bone

7.   hose

8.    joke

9.   rode

10.  stone

High-Frequency Words

11.  there

12.  together    (I taught them to spell 3 words they already know to help remember how to spell this word   to+get+her=together)

Reading:  This week we are reading the story "The Big Circle."  The vocabulary words are:  there, down, inside, now, together, triceratops, meat, herd, baby, circle, long, munch, hunting, didn't, couldn't, I'll, can't.  The skills are fiction, long o (CVCe), contractions n't,  'm, 'll,  and sequence.

Math:  We continue to work on math facts using fact families to make addition and subtraction sentences.  Please practice math facts.  Knowledge of the facts makes math easier and more fun for your child.  Flash cards make a great stocking stuffer.


Please do Lexia for two twenty minute sessions this week.

Monday:  Write spelling words three times each.  Read decodable book # 19 "Nuts for the Cake." Read until vocabulary is known and fluency is established.

Tuesday;  Write sentences for selected spelling words and draw a picture for one of them.  Read decodable book #20 "A Ride to the Lake."  Read until fluency is established.

Wednesday:  Math fact worksheet.

Thursday: Study for spelling test.

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