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Welcome to 1st Grade

Teacher: Mrs. Karen Carrigan (




Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a wonderful vacation.


 Spring picture payments and/or pictures not desired are now due. Please return as soon as possible.

Students may NOT dress down on Wednesday, April 18th. Yearbook pictures are being taken and all children should be in uniform.

Save the date:  Next week, April 24th is Open House. Come to see what we've been  doing.  Also, you may visit other classes and see what SBS as a school has been working on.

This is the last week for our penny war.  Monday through Thursday students may bring in pennies. Friday is our last sabatage day. Bring in nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars to help the MS  Foundation. All donations are appreciated.

This week we are spelling compound words.

Spelling Words

1.   backpack

2.   outside

3.   baseball

4.   herself

5.   flashlight

6.   bluebird

7.   lunchbox

8.   suitcae

9.   inside

10.  brainstorm

High-Frequency Words

11.  picture

12.  remember

Reading:  This week we are reading the story "Peter's Chair."  The vocabulary words are stood, room, thought, picture, remember, cradle, crocodile, ideacurtain biscuits,cookies special, whispered, building, muttered. The skills are compund words, vowels eu, ue, ui, character, setting and plot.

Math: We are counting coins- pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. We continue to practice math facts as they need to be memorized.


Please do Lexia for 25 minutes and Moby Max for 25 minutes as part of this week's homework. You may do more if you wish. Both are excellent programs and will enrich skills.

Monday: Write spelling words three times each.  Read decodable book # 45 "Liz's Busy Day."

Tuesday:  Write sentences for selected spelling words and draw a picture. Read decodable book # 46 "Clues for Sue."

Wednesday: Math worksheet

Thursday: Study for spelling test. 







The penny war continues Monday through Thursday.  Friday is sabatage day.

We're still collecting boxtops. We are in a new collection period.  Save those boxtops. Help our class as well as SBS.

Curriculum Fair will be April 24th. Save the date and see what first grade as well as other classes  have been up to.  All are invited.

Check the SBS calendar for all the upcoming events and dates.

I hope everyone has a wonderful vacation. Hopefully, sunshine and warmer temperatures will be here.

This week we are spelling words with long i spelled ie, igh.

Spelling Words

1.   lie

2.   tie

3.   high

4.   might 

5.   bright

6.   night

7.   bright

8.   light

9.   pie

10. tight

High-Frequency Words

11. above

12. laugh

Reading:  This week we are reading the story "The Lady in the Moon."  The vocabulary words are eight, moon, above, touch, laugh, festival, treasures, pears, lotus leaves, poem,children, wrapped, glows. The skills words are realism and fantasy, long i words spelled with ie and igh and  associate the sound /n/ with kn andd /r/ with wr.

Math:  We are working on counting pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.  Please review counting by fives and tens.  We will also continue with math facts with sums through 16 and differences from 16.  Please practice math facts with your children. Knowledge of facts will make easier now and in future grades. Practice makes perfect!

Homework:  Please do Lexia for two 25 minute sessions.  Moby Max is also available to work on those math skillls. Take advantage of these programs.

Monday:  Write spelling words three times each.  Read decodable book #43 "Hide and Seek."

Tuesday:  Write sentences for selected spelling words and draw a picture.  Read decodable book # 44 "Arts and Craft Day."

Wednesday:  Math fact practice

Thursday: Study for spelling test


Thursday is Holy Thursday.  There will be an 12:45 dismissal. THERE WILL BE NO ACES PROGRAM.

There is no school on Good Friday.

Beginning April 2nd, students may begin wearing the spring uniform.

We are continuing our penny war Monday through Thursday. There will be no sabotage this week.

We are still collecting box tops for our monthly contest. Do you have a few at home? Our class benefits as well as our school.

This week we will review our past reading vocabulary and focus on differentiated reading instruction and writing from comprehension. There will be no new spelling words  or spelling test this week.

We will be focusing on the events of Holy Week to ensure the children have an understanding of the sacrifice Jesus made so our sins could be forgiven.

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter Sunday. Please plan to attend mass with your child.

Homework: Please plan to use the Lexia program  for individualized reading instruction and the Moby Max program for  math practice. Children who frequently use the Lexia program  have shown advancement in their reading abilities.

Monday: Phonics worksheet

Tuesday: Grammar worksheet

Wednesday: Math worksheet



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