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There is an early release on Wednesday,October 25th and Thursday, October 26th for conferences.  Dismissal is at 12:45. Conferences begin at 1:00pm.

Book Fair will be held on Thursday, October 26th and Friday, October 27th.

There is a $5.00 dress down on Friday, October 27th to help Kaitlyn Birdsey complete the outdoor classroom. The colors suggested are orange and black.

There is a Make -A-Wish collection taking place between October 20th through November 20th.  Any extra change can make dreams come true for children with serious illnesses.

This week we are testing Unit One skills. The spelling words this week reflect a review of short vowel words. (Two short a words, two short i words, two short o words, two short e words,  two short u words, two high-frequency words)

Spelling Words

1.   snack

2.   that

3.   sick

4.   thin

5.   job

6.   top

7.   help

8.   pet

9.   just

10.  mud

High-Frequency Words

11.  this

12.  they

Reading:  We are testing Unit One skills this week and reading leveled readers.

Math:  We continue to work on math facts with differences from 10 and sums through 10.


Please do Lexia for two 20 minute sessions this week. You may selected the best day for your schedule.

Monday: Write spelling words three times each.

Tuesday: Write sentences for selected spelling words and draw a picture about one of your sentences on the back of the paper provided.

Wednesday: Math fact worksheet

Thursday: Study for Friday's spelling test




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