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Happy Monday! Here we are for the first full week of school. Students have settled in with 4 days already, and this week "specials" will begin. I know they love gym, art and music classes...the media center/library and this year espanol for the first time. Students have expressed their excitement in learning Spanish already! 

This is a very curious, and cooperative class. I expect great things from each child!! We will continue to grow in our Faith, and Knowledge all year long. Thank you for sharing your children with will find information on various subjects below. Every week please note our spelling words. I know many of you assist with homework and study review.

Spelling List:the following words are from our story for this week:(short vowels/vccv words)

happen lettuce basket winter sister monster supper subject lesson spelling napkin collar traffic suggest puppet  Challenge words: skillet picnic planet system pumpkin

Reading: Continue with our story, Boom Town, focus on inference and meaning drawn from the text. Students will identify characters, time and place of story. Focus: use words correctly, understanding meanings through context clues.Homonyms will be explored.

Math: Continue to review math addition/subtraction facts; time and measurement. Place value and regrouping will also be reviewed. Word problems using strategies and systematic think through to solve, will be presented as well as working on math computation skills.

Grammar/Writing skills are an everyday component of our Language Arts block. We write everyday! Students use the writing process to complete short essays, stories, paragraphs ,poems and letters. Proofreading skills and editing are an important part of learning to become a good writer. Communicating both verbally and with the written word is a necessary skill for success. Students must be able to explain their answers and give an opinion.

Religion: Every week I do send home some activity or prayer that you can share as a family. You belong to our St.Bernard's family and the larger family of Christ, Our Lord! As such, check to see what we are continuing to learn and understand about our Catholic Faith. Thesre are some beautiful prayers and blessings that can be done at home . There are also ideas for conversation "questions" that you may want to explore with your children abut the Gospel and reflections on the WORD.

Reminder: Photo Day is coming!  Notices were sent out already. Big E Permission Slips are also due/with money enclosed. Chaperones: one slot still vacant..anyone??

Check backpacks concerning our First Book Report assignment!...Enjoy your week-end.....





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