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Hello everyone! This is a short week for school and we are finishing up lots of work. Of course, the excitement of Thanksgiving extends to the classroom. I've had to remind everyone that we still have classes until Wednesday when school is out for our break. Please note: movie and popcorn tomorrow with Grade 1 right after recess. Our "secret turkey" messages of kindness ended on Monday, 11/20 and the children were happy to tell their adult WHO wrote them daily. The teachers and staff really enjoyed their kindness and the students learned how it is best to give--than to receive. A kind word makes your day happy!

**Early dismissal on Wednesday...we still have ACES for after-school needs (12:45 dismissal) For those not ordering McDonald's please pack your own hot lunch is served!**

Reading: continuing with a variety of genres. First, we have a poem "Dear Stars" (free verse) we will continue with poetry and then begin a myth. 

Spelling: No Unit List this week and NO WEEKLY TEST. We will be working with increasing our vocabulary skills, learning definitions of words and a variety of dictionary skills. Some will be review and others, using the Thesaurus will be new. Writing in their journals and completing work not finished will be the focus this week.

Math: Computation skills--review regrouping again this time by tens and by hundreds. Continuing with our multiplication facts. Please continue to drill at home with their flashcards.

*Moby Max  doesn't take a vacation.....please remind students to do this over the break as well*

                      I wish you and your families, near and far, a very Happy Thanksgiving! Blessings!!


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