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Students wrote rough drafts for snow globe stories this past week. We will revise them on Monday and write up the final copy of the stories which will be due by Wednesday.

Homework will be to complete any class work not finished during the day in school. Students should be taking their planner and yellow folders home nightly. Please check their folder and planner for incomplete assignments. Reminder that students should be completing 50 minutes of Moby Max MATH at home every week.

Religion: Chapter 17 God Calls Us to Be Holy (Vocations)

Spelling: There will be a test on Friday, January 26. watched, watching, danced, dancing, studied, studying, stopped, stopping, dried, drying, happened, happening, noticed, noticing, robbed, robbing, slipped, slipping, hurried, hurrying, answered, answering, magnified, magnifying, interfered, interfering

Science: We went over water, clouds, and states of matter/water last week. This week we will be learning about the water cycle and how we use water as a resource, as well as water treatment facilities.

Social Studies: We will be learning about different types of governments, our government (federal, state, local), and reviewing some Connecticut history.

Reading: This week we will read The Stranger and discuss inferencing.

English: We will continue to work on verbs and review subject and predicate.

Math: Math finds us in Geometry. We will be reviewing and practicing polygons and quadrilaterals. We will be working on identifying different names for shapes and some spacial reasoning skills using tangrams. We will also introduce the use of protractors, measuring angles, different types of angles, and how to find missing angles.

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