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Welcome to 5th Grade 

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Grade 5: Week of October 23, 2017

Homework :

Monday - review for Tuesday's chapter 1 Social Studies test

Tuesday - unfinished class work

Wednesday - unfinished class Work

Thursday - review for Spelling test

Social Studies - Ice Ages, civilization, slavery, glaciers, irrigation, specialize, empire

How did the first people survive? Who were the Maya, Olmec, Anasazi, Inca, Mound Builders? Where were their civilizations located? When did they flourish? What was special about them and their economy? What happened to them? What is a time line? How does a time line help us? Vocabulary is on Quizlet.

Spelling Unit 8 - smear, germ, blur, peer, stir, squirm, nerve, early, worth, pier, thirst, burnt, rear, term, steer, pearl, squirt, stern, hurl, worse, learn, curve, world, firm, year, interpret, yearn, emerge, dreary, career

GRADE 4 SOCIAL STUDIES:    Chapter 1 vocabulary is on Quizlet.

Chapter 1 Environments of the Southwest

Lesson 1 From Coast to Canyons p. 50-55: Rio Grande, Gulf of Mexico, Colorado Plateau, canyons, Grand Canyon, mesa, buttes, Colorado River, erosion, rapids

Lesson 2 Deserts and Oil p. 56-61: Painted Desert, deserts, Sonoran Desert, adapt, saguaro, drought, Dust Bowl,Black Gold, petroleum

Geography Skill - Working with Latitude and Longitude p. 62-65: latitude, parallel, degrees, longitude, prime meridian, meridian, global grid

This week the fourth and fifth grade students will begin completing their weekly Moby Max practice. They must complete a MINIMUM of 50 minutes. The students have received the directions and must return the signed part ASAP. This will count as a weekly homework grade.

Week of October 16, 2017

I am so excited for our field trip this week. This is a rain or shine field trip. Please make sure the student dresses for the weather. This is an outside field trip so everyone should have a jacket.

Bring a disposable bag lunch in a plastic grocery bag. They will be carrying their lunch with them.

Everyone needs to be on time for school that day the bell rings at 8:15 and we are leaving on time. We are not waiting for people.

Spelling Unit 7:  Spelling test Friday 10/20

hare, scar, torch, soar, harsh, sore, lord, flair, warn, floor, tore, lair, snare, carve, bore, fare, cork, barge, flare, rare, horse, sharp, square, stairs, board, folklore, unicorn, ordeal, marvelous, hoard

Homework week of 10/16

Monday -  English p. 19 numbers 15-22

Tuesday - English p. 20 numbers 1-8

Wednesday -  English p.22 numbers 1-7

Thursday - No homework - field trip

Reminder: Independent book report due November 6, 2017. The independent book report follows the same format we used for Freckle Juice.

Science - final copy of fire prevention poster

Social Studies - Reading Time Lines p. 46-47; Lesson 2 Aztec and Inca p. 48-51

Social Studies Test will be the following week Tuesday Oct. 24.

Religion -  review the Apostle's Creed;  Chapter 1 "We are called to worship"

Reading - "Island of the Blue Dolphins" p. 73-83  (finish from last week)

Vocabulary: gnawed, headland, kelp, lair, ravine, shellfish, sinew, brackish, cove, deafening

Skills: theme and setting; dictionary/glossary; character and plot; SPQ3R (survey, predict, question, read, recite, review)

Writing: p.85 Write Now - Friendly Letter - In Island of the Blue Dolphins, the narrator describes a place as she might in a letter to a friend. Think about a place you could describe. Now write a friendly letter about the place.

Science in Reading - p. 86-89 Seven Survival Questions (Make a list of Karana's top five tips)

English - review format of a friendly letter; independent and dependent clauses; subjects/predicates (finish from last week)

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