Grade 5



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Week of November 27, 2017

Homework :

Monday - English textbook p. 38 numbers 17-23

Tuesday - English textbook p. 38 numbers 24-29

Wednesday - Science textbook p. C11 numbers 1-3

Thursday - Spelling textbook p. 77 numbers 1-8

Spelling Unit 11 - theater, actor, mirror, powder, humor, anger, banner, pillar, major, thunder, flavor, finger, mayor, polar, clover, burglar, tractor, matter, lunar, quarter, enter, honor, answer, collar, doctor, character, clamor, tremor, scholar, chamber

Mon - pretest Unit 11

Tues - independent practice p. 73 #1-20

Wed - Spelling Spree p. 74 #1-25

Thurs - proofreading p. 75

Fri - Test Unit 10

Science - Earth Science- Layers of Earth

atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, crust, mantle, core

Social Studies - Chapter 5 The Settlement of North America p. 150-155

Lesson 1 Northwest Passage: Northwest Passage, profit, portage, John Cabot, Giovanni da Verrazano, Henry Hudson, Jacques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain, Jacques Marquette, Louis Jolilet, Grand Banks, Hudson River, Canada, St. Lawrence River, New France, Quebec

Explain why Europeans began to explore the eastern coast of North America; identify seven important explorers of eastern part of North America and describe their discoveries; identify the reasons that the French founded New France

Religion -  Advent; planning a Mass (Family Mass, First Friday Mass, and Immaculate Conception Mass)

I will need students to participate at church on December 3 for the grade 5 Family Mass. Please let me know if your child is available to do a reading, petition, or help carry in the Advent wreath.

Reading - "Inside Out"............. (Realistic Fiction) p. 147-157

Essential Question - Why do people show kindness?

Vocabulary: catapillar, cocoon, disrepect, emerge, migrant, sketched, unscrewed, gestured, suspenders

Skills: compare and contrast; prefixes; author's purpose; regular/irregular plural nouns; manual/handbook; direct objects

Writing: p. 129 Write Now - "Inside Out" ia a story that describes life at school for a boy who does not speak English. Think about a story you have read recently. Now write a summary of that story.

Reading  in Social studies - e-mail p. 160-161

English -  direct objects

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