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Welcome to 6th Grade!
   Teacher: Ms. April Stich (




Hope you have a lovely break this long weekend.

Wow, I can't believe how quickly the year is passing.  It is almost the end of the second trimester.

Be sure to bring in your permission slip and $6 for the trip to East Catholic to see "Cinderella" and permission slip for Northwest's "Into the Woods."

Wednesday - Lab Report due on Paddle Boats- Newton's Third Law

Thursday - Religion Quiz - Chapter 13

Friday- Spelling Test 21 and final copy of narrative due in English.

Spelling - consumer  control  constitution  comment  confront  compete  conference  computer  conflict  commotion

  conquer  content  concert  contact  confirm  composition  conversation  community  contest  complicate

compare  contain  concern  compllex  convince

consequence  comprehensive  commission  compensate  compliance

English - We will continue to identify and use adjectives and adverbs correctly.

Religion - We will complete chapter 13 review and Test on Thursday.

Science - Light, color and sound are our new topics to explore.  We will read, discuss and complete mini experiments.

Social Studies- We will wrap up our study of the ancient Americas and the test will be either Friday or the following Monday.

Reading - Hopefully we will perform our "Parts of Speech " play and begin Into the Ice 

vocab - conquer  destiny  expedition  insulated  isolation  navigator  provisions  verify


We are looking forward to doing readings at mass this Wednesday.  Note: Ash Wednesday Mass is at 10:15A.M. Hope to see you there!

Religion - We are practicing our readings and have begun chapter 13.

Language Arts - We are using and identifying and using adjectives correctly.  We will also explore the use of articles.  Next week we will expand and compare adjectives to adverbs. 

Spelling - Unit 20

instruct  instruction  graduate  graduation  confuse  confusion  conclude  conclusion  oppose  opposition

expolde  explosion  affect  affection  suggest  suggestion  discuss  discussion  except  exception  

correct  correction  express  expression  substitute  substitution  exclude  exclusion

Literature - Elizabeth Blackwell - Medical Pioneer

Test - Wednesday

VOCAB- absurd  behalf  candidate  dean  delirious  diploma  hovers  obedient  reject

Science - Newton's Three Laws - Test Tuesday

Lab on Action/reaction Wednesday and Thursday (Lab Report due next Wednesday 2/21)

Social Studies - We completed the chapter on Ancient Rome and will begin Ancient Americas.

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