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Welcome to 6th Grade!
   Teacher: Ms. April Stich (




We have another busy week ahead.  Hopefully we will be done with the snow.

Tuesday - Reading Test - A View From Saturday

Tuesday evening we look forward to seeing parents and students at our Curriculum Fair from 6:30-8pm.

Wednesday is a 12:45 dismissal

On Wednesday, April 25 we will begin the IOWA testing program.

Be sure students come to school prepared.

Get a good night's rest and eat a good breakfast.  Bring sharpened #2 pencils.

Spelling - unit 29 - TEST Friday

preview  prehistoric  prohibit  permanent  permission  proceed  project  profession  progress  predict

prepare  promise  prepaid  persuade  product  persist  perfume  prospect  previous  proceed

program  preserve  permit  perhaps  providing  procure  perception  preservation perspective  precipitation

Religion - We will be finishing up chapter 19 and will complete unit quiz, Stump the Shepherd, and rreview activities from the text. 

Social Studies- We begin chapter 12 and our study of Asia from 1000-1800 AD

Science- We are continuing to explore space.

English - We have been developing word choice, order of importance, and formal vs informal letter writing.  We will continue to do so, but include persuasive writing assignments.

Reading- We will finish reading selections to review plot and flashback. Tuesday will be our test on the selection A View From Saturday.  Then we will begin Harvesting Hope which is the story of Cesar Chavez, and develop the skill of identifying fact and opinion in written pieces.


I hope everyone has a wonderful April Vacation and comes back refreshed and ready for this last trimester.  Math quiz on Monday when we get back. We have a full week with the junior high dance on Friday, April 20 from 7-10pm.  The following week we will begin IOWA testing.

Religion - We will begin chapter 19 and read about David and Solomon.  We will discuss leadership qualities.

Spelling-  Unit 28

performance  audience  appearance  entrance  silence  appreciate  desperate  sentence  celebrate  absence

fortunate  violence  allowance  instance  associate  difference  separate  influence  importance  considerate

imitate  decorate  distance  educate  science  exaggerate  resemblance  illuminate  elaborate  significance

English- We will continue to work on persuasion in writing.  We will begin persuasive letter writing. 

Reading - Tuesday test on" Inventing the Future."  We will begin "Harvesting Hope."

Science- We will complete our chapter on the rock cycle and begin the universe.

Social Studies- We will complete our study and projects on the Middle Ages. Test and presentations during the week.

***Social Studies test moved to Thursday***


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