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I hope everyone had a wonderful summer.  I'm looking forward to this school year at St. Bernard, St. Jeanne Jugan Parish.  

Our First Day of School is Tuesday, September 5th.  We will meet outside to line up after 8:00.  Father Golas will give the school blessing around 8:30.  

September 8th is a band demo.  Maybe this is the year to begin learning a new instrument.

September 12th will be the first PTA meeting and orientation.  I look forward to meeting with parents then.

September 20th and 22nd -Lifetouch pictures will be taken

September 21st - Big E Field Trip -Permission slips will be sent home the first day for students and chaperones! (Chaperones must be Virtus trained.)

Please return the permission slips, electronic use, and yearly information forms as soon as possible.  Thank you.

A big change this year will be moving from class to class for math with Miss Landry and Spanish with Senior Vargas.  This will start the first day.  Most of the specials will begin the following week.

  • Monday - Gym 8:35-9:15
  • Tuesday - Media/Library 2-2:40
  • Wednesday - Music 12:40-1:20
  • Thursday Media/Library 9:55-10:35      Art 1:20-2
  • Tuesday - Friday Spanish 10:35-11:15
  • Math - M 12:40/Tu & Wed 9:55 Thu &Fri 9:15

Lunch this year is eaten in the cafeteria. Lunch is $2.50, water $0.60, double lunch is an additional $2.00. Please bring in daily if you wish to purchase hot lunch.  Check the school website for the monthly menu.  Sixth graders eat in the cafeteria at 11:50. After lunch is study hall in their homeroom.  Friday is our recess day.  Dress appropriately as we go outside most days.

I'm looking forward to a great year, I hope you are too!  See you bright and early on Tuesday!

Miss Stich


Unit 1 - Spelling Words - Test Friday

depth  craft  plunge  wreck  sunk  film  strict  bomb  switch  length  prompt  pitch  else  cliff  pledge  scrub  brass  grill  stung  plump

review - swift  tense  bunch  grasp  ditch  challenge - habitat  intact  tepid  magnetic  deft

Reading Vocabulary - Old Yeller

lunging     nub     romping     rowdy    slung    speckled

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