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I hope you had as wonderful a week as I did.  We have already been hard at work.  Most of what we've done is classwork, homework and review.  You can check your grades and see what has been turned in.  Be sure to finish missing assignments.  If unsure what to do, just ask.  A big part is getting organized with both materials and time.  I'm so glad students are using the study hall after lunch.  This week for homework you need to do a minumum of 60 minutes of MobyMax.  Letters were sent home on Thursday with username and passwords.  I'm looking forward to meeting parents at Tuesday's orientation and PTA meeting.

Spelling - Test Friday - unit 2

theme  quote  gaze  pace  preach  strive  trait  mute  sleeve  roam  strain  frame  league  soak  grease  throne  fume  file  toast  brake

review - greet  boast  brain  code  deal     challenge- microscope  emphasize  refute  pertain  coax

Religion -chapter 1 TEST Tuesday

Reading - Old Yeller - Test Thursday

Science - We will continue to learn how to use the compound microscope and then the digital one.

vocab - chapter 1 - cell membrane, cell theory, cell wall, chloroplast, chromosome, compound microscope, cytoplasm, endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, nucleus, organelle, ribosome, species, vacuole

Social Studies- we will continue to review map types and usage.

chapter 1 The First Cultures - vocab- Paeolithic Era, hunter-gatherers, technology, flaking, migrate, Neolithic Era, agriculture, domesticate, surplus, specialize, civilization.


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