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Happy First Day of Fall!

Looks like we will still have the Indian summer weather.  Enjoy the long weekend.  Monday there is NO SCHOOL as there is a teacher inservice being held by the Ardchiocese.   Tuesday will be a GYM all day, so wear your gym uniforms.

Reading - We will have the TEST for Mother Fletcher's Gift on Tuesday9/26 and then begin the story, Viva New Jersey

Book Report- Forms went home, are available online and reports are due 10/27.  Most of the children have shown me the book they plan to read. 

Religion - We will complete chapter 3- Everything God Created is Good and the test is planned for Thursday 9/28

Spelling - Unit 4 - TEST Friday 9/29

bloom sprout  droop  crouch  annoy  vault  squawk  avoid  sought  naughty

mound  groove  foul  hoist  gloom  trout  noun  roost  clause  appoint

scoop  moist  haul  loose  hawk

bountiful  adjoin  taut  turquoise  heirloom

English - We will review sentences this week and the chapter 1 TEST is planned for next Friday 9/29

Science - Chapter 2 - We will study DNA, create Punnet Squares and explore the inheritance of genes.

Social Studies - Chapter 2 We are studying The Fertile Crescent.  The map of Asia and the current countries will help the students explore where the ancient cities were and how they helped change over time.

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