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I look forward to meeting with parents this week.  Remember that Wednesday and Thursday are early dismissals (12:45) due to the conferences.  We will also have the Book Fair on these days!    Friday Is Dress Down for a Cause $5 donation.   Sunday 10/29 is Trunk or Treat.  Please send in Pizza Lunch and November Rememberence flyers as soon as possible.  Make a Wish fundraiser began Friday and will continue until 11/20.  See you later in the week!

Miss Stich

RELIGION - We begin Unit 2 by reading about Abraham and the covenant established with God.  We will also explore ways to express our faith through prayer, sacrifice , and service to others.

SPELLING - Unit 8 - TEST Friday 10/27

fir   fur  scent  sent  scene  seen  vain  vein   principal  principle  monor  manner  who's   whose 

tacks tax  hanger  hangar  died  dyed  berry  bury  soar  sore  barren  baron  burro  borough  burrow

ENGLISH - We continue to write in our journals.  Some we continue to work on and perfect.  Our noun lessons will focus on posessive singular and plural nouns.

The Noun unit TEST is planned for Thursday 10/26

READING - Our next story is "The Universe" and the focus of our study skills will be main idea, details, generalizations, and scanning for information.   vocab - astronomers  collapse  collide  compact  galaxy  particles  TEST 10/27, Friday

SCIENCE- We will complete our life science study of inheritance.  TEST is planned for Wednesday 10/25

SOCIAL STUDIES-  On Wednesday and Friday we will continue to work on PowerPoint projects.  Keep researching at home too!


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