Grade 6



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 Daylight Savings Fall Back- Remember to set clocks back an hour ....get that extra hour of sleep!

Sunday11/5 - Trunk - or- Treat 3-4pm


Tuesday11/7 - Election Day....Pizza Lunch...bring your own drinks!  SOCIAL STUDIES TEST - Egypt  

Wednesday11/8 - READING TEST - Dinosaur Fossils  - CURRENT EVENT due (assigned 11/1)

Thursday11/9- Religion Test

Friday 11/10 - No School - Veteran's Day 


Spelling - weapon  struggle  frighten  horror  mental  channel  sample  moral  litter  soldier

kitchen  gallon  stumble  linen  panel  error  rural  quarrel  bundle  cancel

loyal  matter  novel  major  dozen  corporal  colonel  agricultural  valor  maneuver

ENGLISH - Monday noun test. Begin Verb unit.

RELIGION- We continue to read from the Bible, explore Jacob's mission and compare to our missions, and complete puzzles to remember key concepts.

vocab- Laban  Canaan  patriarch  birthright  Esau  Rachel  Isaac  Jacob  Israel  Rebekah  Leah  Bethel  tribes  blessing  THURSDAY TEST 11/9

READING - Dinosaur Ghosts- fragile  poisonous  prey  sluggish  specimens  treacherous  volcanic  Skills: Main ides, word structure, graphic sources  TEST 11/8

Life in 1800's - vocab counselor  identity  physical  surplus  technology Skills:graphic sources, text structure, compare/contrast, dictionary/glossary usage

SCIENCE- We will explore the diverse biomes of our planet. Unit A Chapter 4 

SOCIAL STUDIES- Tuesday Social Studies test. Additionall work on PowerPoints and we will begin presentations.


Remember: Even if a set of vocab is not on my home page of "missstich" you can do a search for more quizzes!


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