Grade 6



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Another busy week is upon us as we begin Advent.

Monday we will take part in the Advent Prayer Service and candle lighting at 8:45am.

Our Gym class will be scheduled later in the morning.  

Red Robin Fundraiser is on Wednesday night.

Thursday is a Dress Down for a Cause day!

Grades close Monday.  Be sure all work is turned in so it may count towards the grade.

Spelling - unit 13 - test Friday

mapped  piloting  permitting  beginning  bothered  limited  forgetting  reasoning  preferred  equaled

wondering  slipped   listening  fitting  pardoned  shoveling  favored  knitting  answered modeling

ordered  planned  spotted  winning  gathering  propelling equipped  transmitted    recurring  profitted

English - We will continue to work on verb usage and journal write.

Reading - We will read about Egypt and plan to test on Thursday.

Reading Logs will be handed out on Monday and due by Friday again this week.

Social Studies- We will continue our study of China, take notes, and also have a Wednesday current event due.


Religion - We have completed the second unit and will also complete Advent activities.


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