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 Helpful forms and resources: Online Textbook Resources, Junior High Research Paper Parent Letter, Junior High Research Guide



The 8th grade class has been hard at work creating this year's St. Bernard School Yearbook! To order your yearbook, click on the flyer below. Instructions are also attached to walk you through the process of ordering and customizing your child's two personalized pages (a fun optional for those who want to create them.) Please order no later than April 22nd. Yearbooks ordered after this date may not arrive before the end of the school year.




It's that time of year again - our junior high students are ready to begin their research papers! Working in conjunction with the junior high history and language arts program, the library/media center will be supporting our oldest students along their research journey. We'll walk the students through the entire process, using the same "Big Six" research steps they've been working with since 4th grade. Each year we've allowed students to grow with their research skills, increasing the number and type of sources used, working hard on paraphrasing when note-taking, properly using and citing direct quotes, and organizing our research into captivating presentations using PowerPoint, Animoto videos, Prezis, and more. At the junior high level, students will focus their research into a lengthy research paper written in proper MLA formatting, including parenthetical references, in preparation for high school.

To ensure student success in such a long-term project, we will check in weekly with our students to be sure they are on track and to offer assistance when needed. Assignments will be listed here, along with due dates. Students know that written assignments can be shared electronically or in printed form, but must be turned in by the due date listed in order to receive full credit.

Week 1 - Topic assignment (completed by Mr. Hughes)

Week 2 - List of sources (7 total; 4 print sources and 3 websites, DVDs, video clips, etc.) Grade 8 - 2/12/18 and Grade 7 - 2/15/18

Week 3 - Bibliography (all sources in ABC order, proper bibliography format) Grade 8 - 2/26/18 and Grade 7 - 3/1/18

Week 4 - Thesis (one or two sentences that summarize what your paper will focus on) Grade 8 - 3/5/18 and Grade 7 - 3/8/18* [Postponed until 3/15 due to snow day]

Week 5 - Notecards from two sources (one print/one web) Grade 8 - 3/12/18 and Grade 7 - 3/22/18

Week 6 - Notecards from two more sources (one print/one web, bring notes from ALL 4 sources) Grade 8 - 3/19/18 and Grade 7 - 3/29/18

Week 7 - Notecards from two more sources (one print/one web, bring notes from ALL 6 sources) Grade 8 - 3/26/18 and Grade 7 - 4/5/18

Week 8 - Notecards from last source(s) (note-taking should be completed; bring notes from ALL 7 or more sources) Grade 8 - 4/2/18 and Grade 7 - 4/19/18

Week 9 - Organize notecards and create an outline for the paper Grade 8 - 4/16/18 and Grade 7 - 4/26/18

Weeks 10/11 - Write the rough draft of the paper with parenthetical references and share your document for edit tips Grade 8 - 4/30/18

Resources to download: Parent letter/sign-off form, Research project guide, RADCAB resource evaluation checklist, Writing a Bibliography, Bibliography handout w/sample, Writing thesis statements,  Note-taking procedures, Outline guide, MLA Parenthetical Reference Guide  




It's winter in the Media Center and that means ... it's time to put our detective skills to work! There are mysteries afoot and our students are working hard to solve them. Here's a sneak peek:

Grades K-1: Winter web hunts combine our detective skills with learning the basics of Microsoft Word

Grades 2-3: Building on our success with the research skills we learned from The Secret of the Silver Key, our students will solve several winter web hunts and will continue to explore online research tools. 

Grades 4-5: Success in The Research Bureau! Our budding detectives have solved The Mystery of the Flaming Forest and are ready to put their research skills to the test with classroom research projects. Using our "Big Six" steps to research success, we'll research timely topics and share what we've learned in multimedia presentations. Grade 4 will study the State of Connecticut and will produce a PowerPoint presentation with their findings. Grade 5 will research environmental topics from our "Laudato Si" challenge and will share what they've learned through Animoto video.

Grade 6: After recent success with the EverFi Financial Literacy program, our 6th grade students will be learning even more about money-related topics. Using the "Big Six" steps to research success, their research will culminate in an interactive Prezi.

Grades 7-8: Our oldest students, now experts using the "Big Six," will research historical figures that relate to their current units of study in American History. Each student will then write a formal research paper in preparation for their transition to high school. 


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