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Welcome to Kindergarten

Teacher: Mrs. Jessica Pernal (




****Wednesday October 25 and Thursday October 26 are 1/2 days for conferences  Dismissal is at 12:45pm.  *****

*****Book fair is on Thursday and Friday as well. ******

*****Dress Down for a Cause on Friday October 27. $5 donation and you can dress down!****

****Trunk or Treat on Sunday October 29 4-5pm*****

This week in phonics we begin vowel Aa with sound /a/  we will learn it as initial or middle sound in words   Our new sight words are :  have   is

Our big book this week is Flowers   The comprehension skill will be comparing and contrasting   The vocabulary words are : seeds, buds, bloom, fruits, stem, petals

In math we continue with chapter 2: Patterns  We will put letters to our patterns ex: ABABAB     AAbAAbAAb

Religion this week is continuing to know when and where to pray. Also that song can be used as a form of prayer.

**Family Mass at St. Bernard Church on Sunday October 22, 2017 at 10:30 am***

**Information on Lexia reading program was sent home.  Please use on electronic devices at home for practice. The students do great with it at school**


This week in phonics we learn the letter Tt with the sound /t/. We will look at it for initial and ending sounds in words. Our sight words again are: a   to    We practice them all throughout the week with our readings as well.

This week in literature, our big book is Dig, Dig, Digging. We work on classifying and categorizing different aspects of a story. The vocabulary words for this story are : scooping, swooshing, squelching, gobbling, spinning, and rumbling.

This week in math we continue with Chapter 2: Patterns

This week in religion we look at ch. 4 God's World is Good.  The students will understand that God created everything around us and we are created in God's image and that is his greatest gift to us. 

***There is no school on Monday October 9. *****

***GYM ALL on Tuesday October 10**** along with our regular library/media day

***Pizza lunch on Tuesday. Drinks must be provided by parents. No drinks will be available at school.**

*****Living Rosary has been moved to Friday October 13 at 1:30pm******

****Dress Down fundrasier on Friday October 13. Bring in $5 to help get new books for the library and you can dress down!*****


Phonics this week focuses on sight words: to   a   we will also review other sight words learned: the   little   I   am    We move away from  just letter identification to letter sounds this week. Our first sound is Mm to /m/

In literature this week our big book is Smash Crash where our comprehension skill is character identification   Our vocabulary for the book is : signals, proper, perfect, dud, pirates, and fabulous

In math we begin chapter 2: Patterns

Religion this week focuses on the Rosary and why it is so important to our faith and why we celebrate it in October. 

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