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****Wednesday October 25 and Thursday October 26 are 1/2 days for conferences  Dismissal is at 12:45pm.  *****

*****Book fair is on Thursday and Friday as well. ******

*****Dress Down for a Cause on Friday October 27. $5 donation and you can dress down!****

****Trunk or Treat on Sunday October 29 4-5pm*****

This week in phonics we begin vowel Aa with sound /a/  we will learn it as initial or middle sound in words   Our new sight words are :  have   is

Our big book this week is Flowers   The comprehension skill will be comparing and contrasting   The vocabulary words are : seeds, buds, bloom, fruits, stem, petals

In math we continue with chapter 2: Patterns  We will put letters to our patterns ex: ABABAB     AAbAAbAAb

Religion this week is continuing to know when and where to pray. Also that song can be used as a form of prayer.

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