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*****Just a reminder that this week is the last week for the Spring/Summer uniform.  Winter uniform must be worn starting FRIDAY, December 1, 2017.  Please see the website if you need further information.

*****First Friday Mass is December 1, 2017.

This week in phonics we learn letter I/i. Our two new sight words are:  he and for.  Please read the little paper books that are coming home with the kids. As we learn more letter sounds we are continuing to blend words together to read non sight words. For example: /s/ /a/ /t/  is sat. 

Our big book in literature is A Bed for Winter The vocabulary words for it are: nest, stump, hive, meadow, tree trunk and den. The comprehension skill is sequencing a story. 

In math we continue to work on numbers 0-5. We will practice properly writing the numbers we will also learn ordinal numbers and graphing.

Religion this week is begining disucssing Advent and preparing for the first week of Advent which begins on December 3, 2017.

Mrs. Lyke

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