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We had a great first week in The Game of Fourth Grade. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night at Back to School Night- Meet the Teacher. The evening will start with a Band Parent Meeting at 6:00pm for any parents of students who are interested in joining band. At 6:30pm the PTA meeting will begin in the gym. During this meeting they will discuss events for the school year, introduce the teachers and staff, and then they will send you to your child’s classroom for a brief presentation by the teacher. Please note that I am still looking for a room parent and chaperones for our field trip to the Big E.

Here is what we will be learning this week in our game.

Math- The students will build a greater understanding of number sense. They also are brushing up on their math facts as the math concepts will build throughout the year.

Language Arts- The students will review the characteristics of a Tall Tale and begin reading and understanding a variety of Tall Tales.

Spelling- The students will have their first fourth grade spelling test this Friday, September 13. The spelling test will be completed in cursive.

admire, magnet, contest, method, custom, rally, soccer, engine, sudden, finger, accident, mitten, intend, fabric, flatten, rascal, gutter, mammal, happen, cannon, dungeon, magnify, festival, thunderstorm, injury

Science- The students will begin their unit on understanding matter.

Social Studies- The students will build a greater understanding of geography and begin reviewing the states and learning their capitals.

Religion- The students will learn about the Bible and how to find scripture verses within the Bible. They will also read and discuss the Gospel for this Sunday.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Kundrat

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