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Welcome to 1st Grade

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The last week of school!

 It has been a pleasure to have had the opportunity to teach your children.  They have worked very hard this year and are ready for second grade.   Please continue to read  to review and use all the skills the children have learned.  The local library has many programs to encourage reading  over the summer months. Take advantage-it's free.

Tuesday: SBS Earth Day- Wear gym clothes to participate in all the activities planned for the day. Also, we are having another pizza lunch.

Monday  and Tuesday are full days of school.  Wednesday and Thursday are early dismissal days with dismissal at 12:45. On  Friday there is an 11:00 dismissal.  Summer Vacation!

Have a wonderful summer vacation.


Congratulations to our eighth grade graduates as they continue on to their new educational destinations.

Thursday, June 7th is our spring concert.  Our evening performance begins at 6:30.  Students should arrive by 6:15pm to be placed in their correct place in line  Please view the details on the past info sent. Students are to wear their shirts/outfits to school on Thursday as we have an afternoon performance.

Friday, June 8th, will be the pizza lunch for our prize in the penny war competition. Please return the permission slip sent last week if you have not done so.  No part of the lunch can be given without written permission.

We will have another  pizza lunch next week. Details and final preparations are being made. Permission slips are being sent out on Tuesday, June 5th. They are on a orange/pink paper as before. No part of the food can be given without written permission.

Next week, June 11th and 12th are full days.  June 13th and 14th are early release days with a 12:45 dismissal.  Friday, June 15th is our last day with an 11:00am dismissal.

This week is our last list of spelling words and the reading of our final story in the unit 5 first grade reader.

Spelling Words

1.   unhappy

2.   refill

3.   untie

4.   undo

5.   repay

6.   unkind

7.   undress

8.   retell

9.   reopen

10.  refund

High-Frequency Words

11.  different

12.  carry

Reading;  We are reading the story 'Ben Franklin and the First Kite."  The vocabulary words are; brothers, answered, poor, carry, different, hearth, hasty pudding, amazing, invention harbor, indeed, experiment, bothered, caught.  The skills are prefixes un-, re- and long vowels i and o as well as theme.

Math: Drill math facts with sums through 20 and differences from 20.  Please practice math facts throughout the summer to keep them fresh and mastered.

No homework except to finish any work not completed in class,  Please use Lexia throughout the summer. It will review skills as well as teach new ones. Please visit your local library to read during the summer and participate in the programs that are available.



We will be attending First Friday mass on June 1st at 1:15pm. No dress down passes may be used this Friday.

Thursday, May 31st, is a free dress down if you wear a soccer jersey or shorts.  It must be soccer.

Friday is our ice cream sundae treat thanks to the purchase at the auction by  the Camerota family.  A big thank you to the Camerota's for  their generosity. If you have not returned your permission slip, please do so by Friday. Without a signed permission slip, no sundae can be given to your child.

This week we are spelling words with vowels aw as in saw.

Spelling Words

1,   saw

2.   draw

3.   draw

4.   straw

5.   law

6.   jaw

7.   paw

8.   lawn

9.   yawn

10.  hawk

High-Frequency Words

11.  through

12.  science


Reading; We are reading the story "Alexander Graham Bell." The vocabulary words are early, learn, science, built, through, Boston, Scotland, communicate, telephone, famous, electricity, piano, deaf, taught, changed. The skills are drawing conclusions,vowels aw, au and short e made with ea.


Math:  We are learning time on analog clocks to understand the meaning as well as writing the time numerically.  We continue to practice math facts with sums to 20 and differences from 20  as well as double digit addition and subtraction without regrouping.


There is no homework given after Memorial Day.   Enjoy the carnival this Thursday through Saturday.  Please continue to use Lexia and Moby Max for the remaining school year as well as throughout the summer.. This will help keep skills up to date as well as acquire new skills.

Unfinished work will continue to be sent home as homework.

We are still having a spelling test this Friday.





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