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Welcome to 1st Grade

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Monday, April 22nd is Earth Day.  We were able to do our indoor recycling project but due to the rain, the outdoor activity will take place at a later date. We will let you know when the new date is decided.

Tuesday, April 23rd, grades K, 1 and 2  will be visited by by Firefighter Phil in the afternoon. This is a program about fire safety and is very entertaining as well as informative.

Thursday, April 25th is our Curriculum Fair from 6:30-8:00pm.  Please come to see what we have been up to as well as  what other grades  have worked on.  The students work very hard and are eager to show you their work.  It is also Open House for new students/parents thinking about attending our school. If you know anyone, please encourage them to visit us.

Friday, April 26th is a Pick-A-Pop dress down day.  Please fill a non-breakable container with some goodies you know children would like. Any candy being  used must be individually wrapped. Thank you for your support.

This week we are spelling words with the vowel diphthong ow.

Spelling Words

1.   how

2.   town

3.   down

4.   now

5.   brown

6.   cow

7.   clown

8.   frown

9.   crowd

10.  growl

High-Frequency Words

11.  eyes

12.  never





Thank you to all who volunteered to be chaperones on our field trip.  At this time, I am no longer accepting requests to be chaperones as our bus is full. Notices have been sent  to those selected.  If you have been selected and are no longer  able to attend, please let me know asap.  I must pay in advance for all students and chaperones attending as part of our trip.  My bill must be paid  next week.  Changes can only be made to the bill prior to payment.  Thank You.


Money for our field trip is due this week.  All monies must be sent to the rectory to be processed so our admission bill can be prepaid to secure our reservation. If this is not possible for anyone, please let me know.


This week is Holy Week. Please remember the sacrifice our Lord has made and attend some of the many church services taking place this week.

There is a dress down on Wednesday, April 17th for a $5.00 donation. Please wear yellow, green or blue to support Nature's Helping Hands.



There is an early dismissal on Holy Thursday, April 18th. Dismissal is at 12:45. There is no after school program on this date.


This week we are spelling words withsuffixes -ly, -ful.

Spelling Words

1.   slowly

2.   careful

3.   quickly

4.   useful

5.   painful

6.   playful

7.   sadly

8.   ladly

9.   nicely

10.  wonderful

High-Frequency Words

11.  because

12.  across

Reading:  We are reading the story "Henry and Mudge and Mrs. Hopper's House."  The vocabulary words are told, only, across, because, dance, opened, shoes, Valentine's Day, heart, tuxedo, shiny, gargoyle, waltz.  The skills are suffixes -ly, -ful, vowels in moon and cause and effect.

Math; We are finishing up the chapter on place value.  We will be doing math facts with sums of 15 and 16 as well as differences from 15 and 16.  Please practice math facts. Once they are memorized, the students find math easy.   We are counting by 2's. 5's and 10's as well as completing work with knowledge of tens and ones.


  Please do 25 minutes of Lexia this week as part of this week's homework.

Monday:  Write spelling words three times each.  Read decodable book #47 "Helpful Holly."

Tuesday: Write sentences for selected spelling words and draw a picture. Read decodable book # 48 "Zoom! Zoom!"

Wednesday: Math fact worksheet and study for spelling test on Thursday.

Happy Easter




Field trip information has gone out.  Chaperones will be chosen shortly.

Thursday, April 4th, is a dress down day to benefit the Golf Tournament with a $5.00 donation. Thank you for your support.

The penny war is still going on. Thank you for all those pennies.

  First Friday mass will be this Friday at 1:15. Please join us if you wish.

The student's supply boxes will go home on Friday. Please take a look as many need  supplies replenished. After checking and refilling where needed, please return to backpacks so students will not forget them when they return to school after vacation. Thank You.

This week we are spelling compound words.

Spelling Words

1.  backpack

2.   outside

3.   baseball

4.   herself

5.   flashlight

6.   bluebird

7.   lunchbox

8.   suitcase

9.   inside

10.  brainstorm

High-Frequency Words

11.  picture

12.  remember

Reading:  This week we are reading the story "Peter's Chair." The vocabulary words are stood, room, thought, picture, remember, cradle, crocodile, idea, curtain, biscuits, and cookies.  The skills are compound words, vowels ew, ue, ui and character, setting and plot.

Math: We are finishing up the chapter on place value, >, <, =, and math facts with sums to 16 and differences from 16. Please practice math facts. Ten minutes each night makes a difference.

Homework: Please do Lexia for 25 minutes this week.

Monday: Write spelling words three times each. Read decodable book # 45 "Liz's Busy Day."

Tuesday: No written homework.  Students were excellent for our special guest today.  Read decodable book #46 "Clues for Sue."

Wednesday: Math worksheet

Thursday: Study for spelling test

Have a wonderful vacation next week.


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