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Thank you for coming to parent orientation night. It was my pleasure to meet everyone.  I look forward to working with you and your children.

Gym is on Tuesdays.

Group pictures will be taken on Wednesday, September 20th.  All students should be in their school uniform on this day.  Please be on time as we are usually the second class to have pictures done.

Individual pictures will be taken on Friday, September 22nd.  Please wear the clothing you wish to have your pictures taken. (Everyone will have a photo taken.)

This week we will begin our second story with a new spelling list. We will be spelling words with the short i vowel sound.

Spelling Words

1.  in

2.  it

3.  did

4.  sit

5.  six

6.  fix

7.  lip

8.  mix

9.  pin

10.  wig

High-Frequency Words

11.  and

12. take

Reading:  We will be reading the story  "Pig in a Wig."  The vocabulary words for the story are: up, and, take, play, pig, dip, Max, sax, quick, tick, sick, wig, jig. The skills are realism vs. fantasy, summarize, and short i and final x words.

Math: We are working on addition sentences  with sums  through 8 using manipulatives.


Homework at this point will be based on the students performance  and work during classtime. It will be stamped homework so you can identify it.

 Monday:  Read the decodable reader #3 "Hit   It!"  three times for vocabulary knowledge.  Complete phonics sheet on short a words. This is a review from last week.

Tuesday: Henhouse worksheet-Write the word to match the the word family.  Color the entire worksheet.  Coloring strengthens fine motor skill muscles. Read decodable book #4 "Fix It!"


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