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Monday is a professional development day for teachers.

Tuesday is gym for all students.

Please send any monies for our pizza lunch, other activities or dress downs in an envelope marked with the event, the child's name, and grade so it will be allocated to the correct event.

Please label SBS sweatshirts and other clothing with your child's name. Children are having difficulty indentifying their clothing.

This week we will be spelling short o words.  Spelling test will be on Friday.

Spelling Words

1.   mom

2.   hot

3.   hop

4.   pot

5.   pop

6.   ox

7.   lock

8.   mop

9.   got

10.  rock

High-Frequency Words

11.  help

12.  use

Reading:  We are reading the story "The Big Blue Ox."  The vocabulary words are: help, get, use, town, mud, have,  off, he. The skills are character and setting.

Math:  We are working on math facts with sums through 8.


Monday: No School

Tuesday:  Short o worksheet.  Read decodable book #5 "Dot Can." (Short o words)

Wednesday: Math fact worksheet.  Read decodable book #6 "Can Do."  (-s plurals)

Thursday:  Study for spelling test on Friday.

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