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Start saving those boxtops.  There are many competitions throughout the year.  These boxtops are on many products enjoyed by young children so take a look at the products you purchase as well as the ones you have at home. Good luck to my class.

This week we will attend first Friday mass on December 1st, Please join us if you can.

This week we are spelling long o words.

Spelling Words

1.   home

2.   hope

3.   rose

4.   woke

5.   those

6.   bone

7.   hose

8.    joke

9.   rode

10.  stone

High-Frequency Words

11.  there

12.  together    (I taught them to spell 3 words they already know to help remember how to spell this word   to+get+her=together)

Reading:  This week we are reading the story "The Big Circle."  The vocabulary words are:  there, down, inside, now, together, triceratops, meat, herd, baby, circle, long, munch, hunting, didn't, couldn't, I'll, can't.  The skills are fiction, long o (CVCe), contractions n't,  'm, 'll,  and sequence.

Math:  We continue to work on math facts using fact families to make addition and subtraction sentences.  Please practice math facts.  Knowledge of the facts makes math easier and more fun for your child.  Flash cards make a great stocking stuffer.


Please do Lexia for two twenty minute sessions this week.

Monday:  Write spelling words three times each.  Read decodable book # 19 "Nuts for the Cake." Read until vocabulary is known and fluency is established.

Tuesday;  Write sentences for selected spelling words and draw a picture for one of them.  Read decodable book #20 "A Ride to the Lake."  Read until fluency is established.

Wednesday:  Math fact worksheet.

Thursday: Study for spelling test.

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