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There is gym for all students on Tuesday, January 16th.

There is a fundraiser to benefit SBS on Thursday, January 18th at Friendly's. Please see the SBS Express to print off the coupon.

Please look for those boxtops on products.  If everyone helps, we can win the contest!!!

This week we are spelling words with -nk and -ng.

Spelling Words

1.   bring

2.   trunk

3.   pink

4.   bank

5.   sang

6.   wing

7.   rink

8.   blank

9.   rang

10.  sunk

High-Frequency Words 

11.  every

12.  sure

Reading: We are reading 'Ruby in Her Own Time.  The vocabulary words are ever, sure, were, enough, every, any, own, mother, precious, father, flew, feather, beautiful, anywhere, everywhere, among, farther, nowhere, whatever. The skills are plot, summarize, final -ng, nk, and compound words.

Math: We are reading and writing numbers to 100, counting by 1's, 2's, 5's, 10's , ordinal numbers and number patterns.  We will continue to work on math facts with sums through 12 and differences from 12.  The students will complete weekly fast fact tests to determine knowledge of facts as well as provide practice.  Please practice math facts. They need to be memorized.

 Homework as well as the above work may change due to inclement weather .


Please do two 25 minute sessions on Lexia. Lexia provides reading practice at your child's reading level.  It also reinforces as well as teaches new skills making your child a stronger reader.

Monday: No School in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Tuesday:  Read decodable book # 27 "The Family Picnic."  Write spelling words three times each.

Wednesday:: Read decodable book # 28 "Inside and Outside."  Math fact sheet.

Thursday:  Study for Friday's spelling test

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