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Permission slips for our trip in May to see the performance of "The Cat in the Hat" went home.  Please check your child's folder for paperwork.  All pages of the permission slip must be filled out. Money is due February 23rd.

This week we hope to get back on our regular schedule.  Next week is Cathiolic Schools Week so please follow the schedule for events and activities .  Our class color is yellow for activities.

There will be no new spelling words next week.  We will review past reading skills, vocabulary words and practice our high-frequency words in between activities.

This week we are spelling words with -es; plural es.

Spelling Words

1.   fix

2.   fixes

3.   class

4.   classes

5.   wish

6.   wishes

7.   kiss

8.   kisses

9.   bus

10.  buses

High-Frequency Words

11.  friends

12.  very

Reading: We are reading the story "Jan's New House."  The vocabulary words are very, car, away, our, house, school, friends, window, toys, move, change,  stay, boxes, down, buzzing, towers. The skills are theme,  ending -es, plural -es ,  and r-controlled or, ore.

Math: We continue to work on place value and numbers to 100.  Please practice counting by 2's, 5's and 10's.  We also continue to practice math facts with sums through 12 and differences from 12.


Please do Lexia for at least two 25 minute sessions  in addition to the assignments listed below.

Monday; Write spelling words three times each. Do Lexia.

Tuesday:  Write sentences for selected spelling words.  Read decodable book # 29  "We See Pets."

Wednesday: Read decodable book # 30 "The Family Trip." Math worksheet

Thursday: Study for Friday's spelling test.

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