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Notes: On Tuesday, February 13th we are celebrating 100th day and Valentine's Day.  It should be a fun day for the students.  If your child will be passing out cards, please be sure Valentine's Day cards have the name of the person giving the valentine not to whom they are giving it to.   This allows the students to pass out their own cards, something they enjoy. Every student in the class must be receiving a card.

Wednesday, February is Ash Wednesday. We will attend mass and receive ashes. Mass is scheduled for 10:15. Please join us if you are able.

This week we will spell words with er, ir and ur.

Spelling Words

1.   her

2.   first

3.   bird

4.   girl

5.   burn

6.   were

7.   shirt

8.   fur

9.   hurt

10. sir

High-Frequency Words

11. visit

12. done

Reading :  We are reading the story "I'm a Caterpillar."  The vocabulary words are know, done, push, wait, visit, caterpillar, crawl, chrysalis, pupa, shiver, change, flowers. The skills are r-controlled er, ir, ur words, contractions and drawing conclusions.

Math: We continue to work with numbers to 100 as well as sums to 12 and differences from 12.

Homework :  Please do Lexia for two 25 minute sessions.

Monday:: Read decodable book # 33 "A Big Day for Mom."  Write spelling words three times each.

Tuesday:  Read decodable book # 34 "Sam Can Fly."  Write sentences for selected spelling words and draw a picture.  Sentences should have at least 6 words in them.

Wednesday:  Math worksheet

Thursday: Study for a spelling test

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