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Field trip permission slips and money to see "The Cat in the Hat" is due Friday, Feb 23rd. If you have not turned in your slip or money, I have sent a new slip with your child.

There is a dress down day with a $5.00 donation on Friday, Feb. 23rd to help Katelyn in eight grade finish up her scout project . She will  be putting  the finishing touches on the outdoor classroom.

The due date for the Six Flags pass is March 1st.  Reading is an important component of the language arts program and opens up a whole new world of knowledge.  This is a great incentive now that the students are able to read books at their  reading level. Encourage your children to read or read to your child. 

Due to the short week, there will be no new spelling words this week. We will review some of our past high-frequency words.  There is no spelling test on Friday this week.

Reading:  We will work on leveled readers for differentiated instructon. We will be focusing on main idea, plot, and comprehension as we read.

Math: This week we will finish up the chapter on numbers to 100, place value, greater than, less than, and counting by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's.  Please practice at home if your child is unable to count. We will also continue to practice math facts as these should be mastered.


PLEASE DO LEXIA FOR TWO TWENTY FIVE MINUTE SESSIONS. Lexia is an outstanding program that provides practice and teaches skills at the student's level. Those who use it  are more proficient in their reading knowledge.



Wednesday:  Math worksheet

Thursday: Language arts/grammar worksheet 

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