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Monday: I hope to see all my new "First Readers" at the ceremony tonight at Enfield High School.  The ceremony begins at 6:00pm but check in starts at 5:15.  Please be sure to complete the required photo release form prior to arrival. The form can be found at  There is no homework this evening as we celebrate our  "First Readers."

Book Fair is on Tuesday, March 6th and Wednesday March 7th. Flyers were sent home on Monday.

There is a dress down day on Wednesday to begin our penny wars.  Contest begins on Thursday. Notice was sent home on Monday, March 5th .

This week we are spelling words with long a spelled with ai and ay.

Spelling Words

1.   train

2.   way

3.   tail

4.   play

5.   day

6.   may

7.   rain

8.   gray

9.   mail

10. afaraid

High-Frequency Words

11. about

12. would

Reading: We are reading the story "Mama's Birthday Present." The vocabulary words are  give, surprise, would, enjoy, worry, about,  present, bunuelos, tortillas, guitar, pinata,confetti, today, days, birthday, always, wondered.The skills are draw conclusions, long a words spelled with ai and ay, and possessives.

Math; We are reviewing sums and differences to/from 12 as well as starting sums to 14 and differences from 14.  Please practice math facts. We are currently doing Moby Max in our media center to provide differentiated instruction in math. Sign in instructions and passwords will be sent home once students have received enough practice to do this on their own.


Please do Lexia for two 25 minute sessions to build reading skills.

Monday: No homework so our First Readers can attend the ceremony.

Tuesday: Read decodable book #38 "Funny Pets."  Write sentences for selected spelling words as well as draw a picture.  Each sentence should have at least 6 words.

Wednesday:  Math fact worksheet

Thursday:  Study for spelling test.



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