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Wednesday, March 14th is a free dress down for the kick off of our penny war fundraiser.  Pennies can be brought in Monday-Thursday and other coins and bills on Friday to sabotage other classes.

Friday is the first of three  dress down  days with a container for the Pick-A-Pop booth at the carnival. Please support the carnival.

We are still running the box top collection. The  top class that collects each collection period wins a prize.  Please look for those box tops. They help our class and our school.

As I write tonight (Monday), another storm is being predicted.  Homework and plans may  change this week.

This week we are spelling words with the long e sound spelled ea.

Spelling Words

1.   eat

2.   sea

3.   each

4.   team

5.   please

6.   dream

7.   treat

8.   beach

9.   clean

10. lean

High-Frequency Words

11. colors

12. sign

Reading; This week we are reading the story "The Dot."  The vocabulary words are draw, colors, over, drew, great, sign, show, artist, experimenting, splashed, straight, squiggle, stare, gold, quite, Vashti. The skills are long e spelled ea, theme, and inflected endings.

Math: We are reviewing math facts with sums through 12 and differences from 12, as well as working with 13 and 14. Math facts should be memorized to make math easier for your child.


Please do Lexia for two 25 minute sessions as part of the homework for this week.

Monday: Write spelling words three times each. Read decodable book #39 "Home by the Sea."

Tuesday: If we have school, write sentences for selected spelling words and draw a picture. Each sentence should have at least six words. Read decodable book # 40 "Bill's Yard Sale."

Wednesday: Math  worksheet

Thursday:  Study for spelling test on Friday

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