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Spring pictures are Wednesday, March 21st. Children may dress up for their spring pictures. No money is needed on this day. You will get the pictures first then decide if you would like all or any part of the selection. Payment will be due upon receipt of pictures or pictures may be returned.

We are still collecting box tops for our boxtop competition They are on many cereals, bars and vegetable products. I bet you have  some in your cabinet.

The penny war is on! Please be sure no other kinds of coins are mixed in with the pennies on Monday through Thursday. Friday is sabotage day to other classes. Send in those other coins on Friday. No Canadian coins or foreign coin, please.

This week we are spelling words with the long o sound oa and ow.

Spelling Words

1.   boat

2.   road

3.   snow

4.   row

5.   yellow

6.   loaf

7.   coat

8.   soap

9.   blow

10. pillow

High Frequency Words

11. once

12. wild

Reading: We are reading the story  "Mister Bones: Dinosaur Hunter."  The vocabulary words are : once, wild, found, took, mouth, gigantic, Montana, bandannas, cowboy, lizard, tyrant, museum, nothing, nickname, imagine,.

 The skills are long o spelled oa and ow, three letter blends and aurhor's purpose.

Math: We are continuing the math facts with sums through 14  and differences from  14.  Please practice math facts.

HOMEWORK: Subject to change due to inclement weather

During this week, please do two sessions of Lexia.

Monday: Read decodable book #41 "Joan's Boat." Write spelling words three times each.

Tuesday: Read decodable book # 42 "Brave Nell."

Wednesday: Math Fact worksheet

Thursday: Study for spelling test


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