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This Wednesday, May 23rd we will be going to see "The Cat in the Hat."  We will be leaving at 9:00am and returning around 12:30pm.  Students are to wear their school uniform and bring a baggedl unch from home. No hot lunch or milk  will be available for  purchase on this day.

Friday, May 25th is an early release day. Dismissal is at 12:45.

We are still collecting boxtops .

This week we are spelling words with diphthongs oi and oy.

Spelling words

1.   oil

2.   soil

3.   voice

4.   point

5.   boy

6.   boil

7.   coin

8.   oink

9.   toy

10.  join

High-Frequency Words

11.  against

12.  heavy

Reading; This week we are reading the story "Simple Machines."  The vocabulary words are goes, kinds, heavy, against, today,machines, vacuum, pulleys, inclined planes, surface, axles, wheels, axles.

The skills are diphthongs oi, oy and suffixes -er, -or as well as main idea and summarize.

Math: We are working on math facts with sums to 20 and differences from 20 as well as time.


Please do Lexia for 25 minutes as well as Moby Max for 25 minutes.

Monday: No Homework

Tuesday: Write sentences for selected spelling words and read decodable book #56 "What Do You Want To Be?"

Wednesday: Math worksheet

Thursday: Study for Friday's spelling test

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