Grade 2



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Spelling: sooner, soonest, hotter, hottest, busier, busiest, happier, happiest, smaller, smallest, fatter, fattiest, angier, angriest, straighter, straightest (theme: -er, -est)

Math: we are still working with geometry - describing shapes, comparing and separating shapes, flipping and rotating shapes

Reading: we are reading a story called "A Weed is a Flower" with a focus on cause and effect and writing instructions

Social Studies: studying types of jobs, wants and needs, and comsumers and goods


Monday - reading log, study spelling

Tuesday - reading log, study spelling, MobyMax** (lesson under Social Studies - wants and needs)

Wednesday - reading log, study spelling, MobyMax** (Social Studies wants and needs lesson)

Thursday - reading log, study spelling

** For the MobyMax homework, I have a lesson about wants and needs assigned to each student that goes with what we are working on in class. I ask that each student work on this lesson at home. There are multiple parts so they can work on it over the course of a couple days **



  • keep sending in those Box Tops!
  • First Reconciliation is Saturday 1/27, please arrive at the church no later than 12:45 (an email with more details will be sent out)
  • next week is Catholic Schools Week!

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