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Welcome back! Bienvenidos a 3rd.Grade!! Labor Day is over and I guess officially so is summer, but not to worry I'm sure we'll get a heat wave or two. Tuesday is our first full day back and I am so pleased with this class. Small but mighty!

Homework is given daily. I pace this as an extension to what we do in class and to help students organize and redirect their own learning at home. It is not overwhelming, and most students actually look forward to doing "homework" (although they won't admit it).This week homework is very light, since I am transitioning them into grade 3.

There is no Spelling List for this week...however, starting next week (9/11/17-9/15/17) students will receive 20 words on Monday to study. Every Friday there is a Spelling test. We work with these words all week long in class and use them in our writing and in a variety of ways. These are content words (vocabulary) from our stories, which can be found in our Reading text. Therefore, students are well aware of the words, their meanings and application.

Third grade loves reading and we will begin with a wonderful story from our Scott Foresman series (Reading Street Text) . Genre: Historical fiction, and I think the students will enjoy relating to Amanda, a young pioneer girl with big ideas. Title: Boom Town  Some pre-reading activities will be done prior to introducing the story. Comprehension and vocabulary skills will be an integral part of our literacy class.

Math: Review math skills already mastered. This week we will go over addition/subtraction facts.We will work on expanded form and standard form of a number,students will complete computation work as well as completing word problems.They will work on perfecting their problem-solving skills. This year they have a hard-cover Math text and a Math Practice Book to work in.

*Parents please check backbags every day and look for important notices or letters that may be given.Thank you:) 



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