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Happy school week everyone!! This will be a shortened week ...Sept. 21st (Thursday) is our Big E trip. This is an all day affair! We will return in time for dismissal.

Reading: our new story is a fable (fiction).--a fable teaches a lesson (moral) and this one is especially interesting for this age group. I think the students will find it interesting and relevant. Vocabulary skills/comprehension will be focused on."Some of the most precious gifts we receive, are received when we are giving."

Spelling (List for the week) Still 20 words, but I will give a shortened test on Friday (15 words only).

pennies inches plants families bodies glasses wishes pockets lists copies parties bunches crashes supplies pencils Challenge words: accidents libraries carpenters mysteries merchants....all words are content words from our story, "What About Me?" (a fable)Students will be working with these words in a variety of written/oral activities.

Phonics: all work in phonics aligns itself with our Language Arts curriculum Students will continue to work in their Phonics workbook daily

Math: Aims Web test given on Monday. This is a test that is monthly to gather data for improved instruction in Math class. I will be able to monitor and focus on strengths as well as weaknesses in the area of Math--it is a good indicator of success. We are going to finish up review this week...measurement, geometric shapes and computation work will be a part of Math class. I plan a starting multiplication (at least the process) next week. 

*Stay tuned for Moby-Max an interactive math/language computer program...this will also be done at home. Parental support and participation needed!

Reminder: Photo Day is this week! Check back packs for more info.....Many thanks!!  Blessings to all...

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