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Hello everyone! Reminder that there is No School for students on Monday, Sept. 25th. See everyone back on Tuesday!

* Tuesday will be gym all day...come in with your gym uniforms!. Remember to return all permission slips for the blessing of the animals (stuffed ones please) on Oct. 2nd. We will be taking a bus to the Little Angels' Pre-k and Fr.Matthew will bless our stuffed animals. We are celebrating the feast day of St.Francis of Assisi that day! Slips now, small stuffed animal on Tuesday, Oct.2nd. Thanks!

Reading: we will be starting another new story in class, "Alexander" ...this story is realistic fiction. Pre-reading activities will include new vocabulary (words and meanings) Money vocabulary...learning unfamiliar words and discussions on saving money. What does that actually mean? Students will continue to work with content spelling words and use these across the curriculum. 

Spelling :(words adding -ed, -ing, -er, and -est) These are words found in our story for this week.

using, getting, easiest, swimming, heavier, greatest, pleased emptied leaving worried strangest freezing funniest angrier shopped Challenge words are: included occurred supplying scarier happiest   Students will work with these 20 words in class and at home. They will use these words in their writing and discussions. Test on Friday.

Religion: we will be reading about St.Francis. Students have already completed a beautiful hand-written letter to our holy father, Pope Francis; these letters will be mailed (priority delivery) to our Holy Father wishing him a happy, blessed name day (onomastico in Italian).They will be sent to the Palazzo San Carlo--Citta del Vaticano (Vatican City).Our students were excited about this writing project!

Math: Introducing the process of multiplication this week. Simple computation. Letter going home to parents about Math class activities.

*Thank you to all chaperones for our successful trip to the Big E! * .....Continue to check backpacks please!


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