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Welcome to October and Fall! Hope our weather will reflect the season...reminder: children must bring in their stuffed animals on Monday. We will have the blessing of the animals, for the feast of St.Francis on Monday, Oct.2nd. They can bring to school a small stuffed animal (one that they cherish) to be blessed and then brought home at dismissal. Also, there is no school for students on Wednesday Oct. 4th. (short week for them). Permission slips for our trip to the Pumpkin patch (Silver Bell Farm) are due with the payment as well. Many thanks for your cooperation.

Reading: continue to review comprehension skills/vocabulary and author's purpose on the story "Alexander. We will begin "Penguin Chick" genre: non-fiction. Although this story is chock full of scientific terms, the author presents the story of an emperor penguin family and the off spring in a warm and loving manner.I believe the students will enjoy and identify with the penguin chick--we will continue to sharpen our vocabulary and writing skills across the curriculum. 

Spelling: words are content words/ V/CV, VC/V words...finish pilot even wagon music silent rapid female lemon pupil focus robot tulip camel salad challenge words are: resident spinach climate tradition innocent....we will work with these words and their meanings throughout the week. These words can be found within our story as well.

Math: Welcome to the world of Moby Max! We are focusing on Math this year with this interactive home study tool. Letters were given out with parents log in information. I expect 15 min per session at least 3 times per week...check the homework planners for "reminders". It's very important that as parents, you work on the math sequences in Moby Max; this will also show you how your child is doing. By now your child has also made flashcards for the 2, 3, 4, and 5 X Tables...I check them in class and these too stay home as a study tool.We have begun multiplication and I'm trying to get them in a multiplication mindset! 

Religion: Feast of St.Francis, our role in our Catholic community, and we answer God's call. October is the month of the rosary..the rosary honors Jesus and Mary. We have been praying for all the folks affected by the terrible hurricanes, and now the poor people in Puerto Rico with the latest, hurricane Maria's devastating damage. Our world needs prayer!

***another reminder: Pizza lunch order slip went out for Oct.10th. this is a Tuesday but no hot lunch will be served due to Enfield Public Schools being closed, if your child wants pizza the order must be in by October 5th (hot pink paper)**** Many thanks!

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