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Hello everyone! October is certainly moving along quickly and 3rd.Grade has had a busy week. We had a great trip last week along with the 4th grade class to Silver Bell Farm and everyone returned "happily" tired and with a pumpkin too.Special thanks to my parent chaperones (Mr.Feeley, Mr. Santaniello, Ms. Madigan and Ms. DeCesare )for all their help. You are truly wonderful...Kudos to all!

A special thank you to Julia Feeley, room mom, for helping me set up the BOO-tiful display of our students' work at the Country Diner on Hazard Ave. in Enfield. The children wrote short Halloween poems and completed art work on the holiday theme. Do stop by and see your child's display...out in the community. I'm sure you'll be hauntingly pleased! :)

This time of year is also chock full of notices that go home via your child. Again, check those backpacks...thanks.Parent/Teacher conferences have been scheduled and letters all went out. If you can not make that designated time, please let me know and I will reschedule you. I can see that most of you have logged onto Moby Max. Please focus on the Math program only. If there are any problems, let me know however, I do assign Moby Max (Math) for homework atleast 2 times per week. (more is great!!). October 18, Wed. there will be a fundraiser at the 99Restaurant in Enfield for St.Bernard School. Hope to see many of you there...take a break from cooking and help support our school.

Reading: we will begin our new story "Prudy's Problem". Genre:fantasy (make believe events). We will do some pre-reading activities both written and oral before starting our new story.We will read and understand a retelling of an Aesop Fable (The Grasshopper and the Ant) and complete many activities that focus on compound words this week. Most of these words are the content words that are in their Spelling workbook and will be words for Spelling unit. We're back to 20 words once again!

Spelling List: compound words / sunglasses football homework haircut popcorn railroad snowstorm earring scarecrow blueberry butterflies lawnmower campground sandbox toothbrush ; Challenge words: thumbtack earthquake scrapbook courthouse whirlpool. *We work with these words all week in a variety of ways and students are expected to know them by Friday's test. They are also part of our Lang.Arts creative writing activities and are found in the Grammar/Spelling workbook.

Math: Moby Max use at home (atleast 15 min. per sesssion, twice per week) if you can increase it to 3 or 4 times per week that's superb! We are working on multiplication facts and skills with single digit multiplication. Word problems and everyday math application to daily situations are also explored. Students will be increasing their multiplication application using many different ways. *Aims Web will be given next week in math only*

Religion: we all took part as a school family, in the Living Rosary last Friday. We will continue with the Rosary and understanding the Mysteries all month of October. This is the month dedicated to the Rosary and Mary, Our Lord's mother who urges us to pray the rosary (especially for world peace). That was the main message of Our Lady of Fatima.We also will continue with our curriculum of encountering Jesus through scripture. God prepared us to receive salvation. We will read about Jesus the Messiah,Priest, Prophet and King. The gospels: Matthew,Mark , Luke and John are our primary source of knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

*Gates Testing Oct.18 &19/ ELA Aims Web testing (Lang.Arts) Oct. 16 &17--to be completed**


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