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Hi everybody! welcome to a new week in 3rd.grade...We have a PTA meeting on Tues. the 14th with a State of the School Presentation/discussion. Hope to see many of you there, at 6:30pm. Also, picture retake is this Wednesday. If you wish to have your child's photo taken again, now's the time for Fall.:) We are busily progressing with our Literature and Math, Social Studies' focus is "our world" and how we need to love it and save it for generations to come. Science: we have touched upon nutrition but our unit's focus is health. Of course, oour religious studies centers on Jesus...we are his disciples to spread the "good news" of salvation. Soon we will be entering the joyous season of Advent, and we'll be eagerly awaiting the birth of Our Lord (Christmas).

Right now I'm trying to get through Thanksgiving and the students have done some interesting writing centering on what they are thankful for. If you have a chance, stop in and check out our wall displays in the hallway.

Spelling this week: (prefixes...our list has them) unhappy recall disappear unload mistake misspell dislike replace mislead disagree rewrite unroll unknown dishonest react

Challenge words are : unfortunate discourage uncomfortable recycle mispronounce   *We will be working with these words (all 20) all week long. They can be found in our reading story "Pushing Up the Sky" (a Native American drama).

** Please continue to check backpacks for important notices from me.* Thanks....your support is appreciated. 

"Goodness is the only investment that never fails"..(Henry David Thoreau)

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