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Welcome back! Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday and now we are back to a full week once again! A few reminders...we are collecting quick bread mixes, and cans of cranberry sauce for the St.Vincent de Paul Society (ends Dec.14th.) and we are now in the midst of a BOX Tops Contest at our school. Please check your child's folder for news on that. Breakfast with Santa is coming up on Dec.3rd. right at St.Bernard Church Hall (check your flyer for the times). That's always a lot of fun!

Reading: our new story is "The Gardener" and I think the students will enjoy how people and nature are connected. Genre: realistic fiction/science. We will be meeting a very special gardener (main character) and what she will do is interesting. Pre reading activities will include new vocabulary and a variety of activities prior to our reading.

Spelling: (contractions)use of the apostrophe ' -- let's he'd you'll can't I'd you'd haven't hasn't she'd they'll when's we'd they'd wasn't didn't  Challenge words: should've would've could've needn't you've Although these words seem easy, they are often misspelled! The apostrophe takes the place of letters that are left out to shorten words. Students have the usual 20 words for the week. These are content words found in our readi ng and writing assignments and in our weekly story. 

Religion: we will be preparing for Advent and this week we will go over the church liturgy for this season. We prepare for the coming of the Son of God.The 4 weeks of Advent are a special time for us. There is also a special day we set aside for Mary, our Blessed Mother. On Dec.8th.the Annunciation.

Math is a continuation of multiplication skills. We also get into "real world" math and word problems. Facts must be memorized...I expect every students to drill nightly! Moby Max at least twice per week!

Students will be assigned their next book report on Friday Dec.1st. Look for the guidelines to come home that day!! All books must be at least 200 pages (or close to it) and a biography or autobiography of a famous African-American (or person of African heritage). I'm coordinating this report/project with the celebration of Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Black History month. Thanks.

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