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Hi everyone! Welcome back and Happy New Year!! I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas break and hopefully, we will eventually thaw out. The students are back in full swing. I am happy that they have returned eager for school.  Good Karma!

Spelling: words for this week (20) words with wr, kn, mb, gn...thumb gnaw written know climb design wrist crumb assign wrench knot wrinkle lamb knob knit Challenge words: wrestler bologna cologne honeycomb knickknack  *these are content words found in our next story; we will be working with these words everyday. Test on Friday!

Reading: our new story is a non-fiction story , title "Volcanoes". There is lots of valuable scientific information throughout the story. Although written for this level, the author does give diagrams and valuable information about volcanoes and esruptions. Not an easy read but definitely interesting. It's also aligned with our science curriculum. **Just a reminder: Book reports and oral speeches (project) are due January 12th. Students should be prepared.  Who we don't get to on the 12th, we will schedule for the 16th. since we are not in school that Monday Jan. 15th for Martin Luther King Jr. day. Thanks.

We will be celebrating with a simple procession/ceremony the feast of the Epiphany, this Friday...although the actual date Is January 6th. Our class is sponsoring this religious portrayal of the 3 Kings.

***Thank you again for your thoughtful gifts at Christmas and your valuable support throughout the year!! Blessings for 2018!!



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