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Are you thawed out yet?'s been very cold. Well, we are here and back to normal (inside temp is great). Two days without school has given everyone more time to read, correct? Anyway, I am glad we're here and I know the students are too (they won't admit it of course) :)

Reading: genre/ non-fiction : we will continue with our story "Volcanoes" and align this reading with our science studies on  land formations and weather.

Spelling: Test on Wednesday this week only.....same word list as last week (we never made it to Friday testing) ...they are the 20 words that the students have...special attention to the challenge words: wrestler bologna cologne honeycomb knickknack...these words are tricky!

Math: AIMS-WEB test on Tuesday we'll be gathering their winter % of achievement in math. We're continuing with double digit multiplication and soon begin simple division. Facts must be memorized!! Drill drill and more drill. Moby-Max is a great interactive tool for math progress. Please have students clock in at least 1 hour per week; I assign it for homework on Tues. and Thursdays usually. More time on math the better!

Social Studies: Facts on Black History Students will be organizing and keeping information on various famous Black people in history...we will be starting with Dr.Martin Luther King,Jr. in celebration of his birthday, January 15th.Born in 1929 Dr.King grew up witnessing the pain and problems that people of color had to endure. Yet, he continued to work for justice and equality. He is acknowledged as one of the bravest Civil Rights leaders of all times.We will continue...HIS DREAM. As Christians, especially as Catholics our universal message should resonate that all of us are God's children!

***reminder we are collecting Box tops for education, please send them in

*Catholic Schools week will soon be upon us. A valuable formative education with faith and love of Our Lord, that is what we are all about!

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