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Hello everyone! We are back and as always have so much to cover, learn and complete. Third Grade students are "worker bees". At this time, I wish to thank all my 3rd.grade parents and guardians for the support they have given us and your understanding of this difficult time for our principal, faculty and staff. I k now Mrs. Mongillo is grateful for your prayers. Thank you. 

All report speeches are do today, Tuesday January 16th. I am happy to report on those that presented so far...fabulous! These students adhered to the format, speeches were very interesting, and full of information. We all shared in their presentations! A great way to learn about famous people of color that have contributed to our nation's progress. 

*stay tuned for February's Book Report assignment*

We will be celebrating Catholic Schools Week soon. All packets were given out last week. If you have not completed and signed the attached permission slips for various activities and food consumption, please do so and return all slips to me. asap! Thanks.

Spelling words for this week: (words with augh- ough- al) These are content words from our new story, Book 2, "Jalapeno Bagels". We will be working with these words: thought fought bought taught caught walk cough talk daughter ought sought brought trough chalk stalk...challenge words are: sidewalk distraught afterthought overwrought beanstalk ...although not too difficult, these words can be confusing. Students must pay attention to the pattern of these words.

Math: Multiplication facts/fact families are of prime importance. Drill with flashcards as often as you can. We are doing double digit and beyond multiplication with 1 multiplier. Moby Max needs to be done weekly at a primary staff Gr.1--3, we now feel that 20 to 30 minutes per week is sustainable.  Let's try to complete this amount of on time with Moby Max. Thanks.

*We are continuing to read and learn about Black History this week/ this will be part of our Social Studies unit.*

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