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Hello everyone! Well, we made it through a wonderful week of celebration and exciting activities for Catholic Schools Week . Depending if you are a fan of Punxsutawney Phil or our own Chuckles the groundhog, you were probably anxious to hear what each of those "darling" guys predicted.....more winter?? or early Spring? I pesrsonally am going with Connecticut's Chuckles...Spring please come early!!! Our 3rd. grade class did a Prediction Survey throughout the school and gathered, tallied the answers. Great job!

Reading: our new story will focus on an American icon..."The Story of the Statue of Liberty" (genre: narrative non-fiction) There will be several pre-reading activities and then vocabulary and comprehension skill building work in class. Our spelling words for the week are found in this selection. This story is also crossed referenced with our Social Studies unit. ...A Nation of Immigrants. I think the students will be very interested in this read. February Book Report and Project was assigned. Hope all children shared their note with parents/guardians. 

Spelling: (20 words) our list contains vowel sounds spelled oo-ew-ue- and ui.....The words are: few school true goose fruit cookie cushion noodle bookmark balloon suit chew glue Tuesday bushel ; Challenge words are: bamboo mildew soothe barefoot renewal. Total of 20 words. Our test will be on Friday.

Math: continuing multiplication facts/drill, drill, drill! Simple division will begin this week...gave an intro and reviewed simple fractions (parts to whole)....1/2 1/4 1/3 etc.Again, I think that continued work on Moby Max (at home) is helpful and will boost student performance in mathematics...(20-30minutes weekly).Thank you, gracias!

**we are continuing to collect Box Tops for education...please send them in, and of course we are in full swing for the Heart Association fundraiser too! Recorders anyone...lessons right here at SBS (no driving) please let Mr.Shonty our band instructor know ASAP.

Prayer Diary went home on Friday 2/2. Students start them Saturday 2/3 and keep for the full week return them to class completed on Friday, 2/9. (Religion long-term assignment) Thanks



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