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Welcome to another busy week here in 3rd. grade! Reminder that Wed. Feb. 14th. is ASH Wednesday, this signals the beginning of the Lenten season. I know it is also happy heart or Valentine's Day but we must remember the solemnity and symbol of what Ash Wednesday conveys. All Valentine exchanges will be done on that Tues....which is also Mardi Gras!! Many thanks to Liam's grandmother who is sending in sugar cookies on Tuesday Feb. 13th. sounds yummy...

Reading: we have completed the Statue of Liberty story and I'm planning a comprehensive "selection test". Nothing the students need to study for just a wrottem assessment of their comprehension skills/vocabulary...words we've used many times! We are starting our new selection, Gertrude Ederle a biography about a woman "ahead of her time" as an athlete and famous swimmer. Spelling words are content words from this story.

Spelling List: more suffixes...words with -er or ess /-ist often refer to people: dentist editor artist hostess actrress swimmer seller tutor tourist organist lioness shipper chemist investor conductor Challenge words are: announcer pharmacist journalist commuter pianist *We work with these words in a variety of ways throughout the week. Test on Friday!

Math: Real world Math , using critical thinking skills to solve problems...some problems with "too much information"....Multiplication facts 1 thru 12X tables...Beginning simple division, and understanding the math vocabulary for division. Moby Max a wonderful tool for math use independently by students...

Reminder: School Mass at 10:15 am on February 14th....distribution of ashes.

Also, please make sure you send in the Permission Slip and money for the "Cat in the Hat" trip . Ticket money for performance/trip need to be in by February. This is a united effort with Grades 1,2 and 3 going to the Lincoln Theatre @ University of Hartford. Thanks for your attention to this.

**All Book Reports/projects due March 2nd....animal books, Happy Reading!! Read to Succeed--Six Flags is underway Hope some of the 3rd. grade students are participating!!!



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