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Welcome back everyone! Hope your brief winter break was fun and we are here once again working and finishing up assignments that were started before the break.

This is a short week and therefore I am not assigning an actual Spelling List (20 words). We do have a "Words to Know" list that we will be working on, words in our 2 short selections this week. Both stories have these words in content and students must know them to help with reading and comprehension.

Words are: scrambled gully echoed valley reeds clutched nest mountainside feathers eaglet We will be working with these words on a variety of activities and the students will definitely need to know their meanings. No Friday Spelling test this week!

Reading:" Lulu Wants to Grow Up," and Eagle Watching are two short selections that we will read this week . Finding word clues and understanding main ideas will be the focus.

Writing: We constantly continue to go over the 5-step Writing Process to make sure the Pre-writing stage and "sloppy copy" (rough draft) is done and corrected before we edit and finish up our writing. Proofreading is very important. Children will be writing a short report on a President. Each child must complete the report and return it. We will go over this in class but it will be assigned as "homework". Using the internet is a valuable skill that can be useful as they progress to a higher grade. Researching facts about their president and writing a short report...guidelines given out,is a good way to get started on longer assignments. This is homework and must be completed.

*Reminder: MobyMax should be continued weekly..please pace your child (at least 20 to 30 minutes per week) All money and permission slips for "The Cat in the Hat" performance/trip must be in this Friday, Feb.23. Mrs Carrigan is collecting from grades 2 and 3. Please return money and papesr work to me. We need your cooperation with this. Thank you! Also, the Maple Sugar Shack slip and $10. must be in for the March 9th trip (coming up)..ASAP. We are still collecting Box Tops for Education and the latest fund raiser is MUNSON'S chocolates. Thanks for all your support. I don't want any student not being able to attend these events. Any questions, please contact me. Thank you.

Book report.....Posters due March 2nd!!!









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