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Welcome to a new week in Third Grade! We all enjoyed and learned so much about Dr.Seuss and his great characters. We celebrate reading everyday. The students thought many of his stories were just "seussational." (I did too) Please note we will be having our Book Fair this week. Students get 2 days to look and buy; they don't have to buy the first day nor both days. Most children shop and make a wish list on the first day. No matter how they do it, please have their money in an envelope with their name written on it. The fair supports our school. Thanks. Also, a reminder that we have our trip on Friday to the Sugar Maple House. Students must bring a bagged lunch w/a drink (no nut items of any kind) that day. 

Reading: our new story is Suki's Kimono by Chieri Uegaki....genre: realistic fiction. There will be some pre-reading activities before we start this selection. Students should enjoy the plot and storyline and will be surprised to find out what is special about Suki's kimono. The cultural tone and information is also quite interesting. Definitely a good read!

Spelling: (20 words) syllable patterns CVVC, CVV ...content words in our reading Words are: create medium piano idea radio video studio violin duo patio rodeo pioneer trio stadium audio Challenge Words: audience radiate cereal Creole recreation... Spelling test on Friday. We work with these words all week long.

Math: we will continue to review multiplication facts while working on simple division. (Division facts) Continue with word-problems, real world math and developing strategies to "think through" problems successsfully. * Let's not forget going on Moby Max (20 to 30 minutes per week) This assists the students with their math proficiency.

Religion: this is a daily part of our school life and during this season of Lent, we are reminded of the great sacrifice that Jesus did for us all.March 4 was the Third Sunday of Lent,and the focus is to embrace the law that leads to life. The 10 Commandments provides us with a guideline for how we are to reciprocate God's great love. Through Jesus' resurrection we all are is central to the new dwelling and the new earth. During this season of lent we reflect on the suffering and death of Christ. Let us all reflect !

** The Book Reports and wonderful posters came in right on time. Most of you didn't want/need the extra day although the weather was awful Friday. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to your child's total educational experience.March 6th. Open House in the evening at St.Bernard School...spread the word! Thanks.**



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