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I hope that all of you had a lovely Easter. I am glad that the snow held off until today!

Reading: Because of the short week we are going to continue with our story, “My Family in America.”

Grammar, Phonics and Writing: We will be working on words with prefixes and suffixes. In addition we will also cover syllable words with suffixes and review compound words.

Spelling : I delayed the spelling test with homophones to this week because we only had a short time to work on them. Homophones can be confusing, so we will work on those words more and will have our spelling test on Thursday. The spelling words are: to, too, two, week, weak, our, hour, stair, stare, flour, flower, write, right, new, knew. Challenge words: their, there, they’re, whether, weather.

Math: We will continue to work on division and review what we have done so far. The children will also be learning how to find the unit cost. Please remember to do "Moby Max" at least 20 to 30 minutes per week at home. 

In religion, we will be talking about how Jesus returned in Glory to his Father. We will also be talking and working on an activity about Morality.

Earth Day discussions and activities continue.


Thursday April 5-Pick a pop dress down day

Friday April 6-1st Friday Mass No dress down passes may be used

Thank you,

Mrs. Meissenn

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