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Hello everyone! I trust that everybody enjoyed their "Spring Break" and perhaps some of you found warmth elsewhere on this planet. It's so good to be back at SBS and right in the swing of things!! I truly missed the students and am very proud of how hard they worked ; we're into our 3rd.trimester and soon they will be fourth grade students. As such, we will be buckling down to launch them into another sphere of learning. I have every confidence that they will be great. Several trips are coming up...reminders will be sent. The library trip is April 25th (free trip) and we will be back for worries! Third grade always enjoys this one and reviewing books is always fun! Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Reading: We will begin a new story from our literature text: Two Bad Ants  by Chris Van Allsburg (genre: animal fantasy). Prior to reading the main text we will have pre-reading activities to prepare for understanding the story's main theme; we will also work with words to know and our spelling list this week aligns itself with vocabulary from the story. I believe the students will enjoy this read!

Spelling : List words are: (multi-syllabic words) leadership gracefully refreshment uncomfortable overdoing remarkable carefully unbearably ownership unacceptable impossibly reappeared unprepared oncoming misbehaving challenge words are: outrageous incomprehensible undoubtedly independence disadvantage....there are a total of 20 words.

We will work with these words in a variety of written and oral activities in class, there will be a spelling test on Friday. :)

Math: we are continuing with our Division facts and simple division work in class/reviewing also multiplication and word problems. Understanding math vocabulary for division;finding quotients. Please do Moby Max at home for at least 20-30 minutes per week. Thanks!

Social Studies/Reading Project: Guidelines/letter is going home on Monday, April 16th. this report and project will be graded as a Social Studies and a Reading/writing grade. Students will choose a state from the basket, and research the state (location, facts about it, state flower, state flag etc.) The report form is very clear and requires only the basic information at this level. This will take the place of any "book report" that would have been assigned. It's the last report and project to be done at home. Students will also design a hat to wear describing their state (we will have a State Parade in school). Please note this is not due until May 2nd (Wed.). Please read the outline letter carefully, initial and return.

* We will be reading at Family Mass on Sunday , April 22nd at the 10:30 am mass. Everyone is welcome! Those that are reading need to practice at home as well, thank you. Readers must come to church around 10:10, many thanks...see you at Mass!



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