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Hello everyone! How does that song go..."Here comes the sun...." well let's hope that everything will warm up for us, so we can enjoy the outdoors. This week, class work will be a bit different due to the start of IOWA testing. On Tuesday, 2/24/18 you will be receiving a letter concerning these tests. Simply stated, they are achievement tests and private/parochial schools administer them to test student over-all achievement in subject areas. Not to worry! My letter should answer questions, however if there's something I didn't clearly explain or you have further need for info just contact me. * Wednesday, 4/25  Library trip (we will be back in time for lunch)/ also Early Dismissal for students. Thanks.

Reading: we are starting a fantasy story from our text...."Wings" (based on a Greek Myth) and I know the students will be able to relate to the story of a young boy named Ikarus Jackson, and his way of coping because he's different than others.

Spelling: Words for the week are Irregular Plurals: wolves knives feet men children women sheep heroes scarves mice geese cuffs elves banjos halves Challenge words are: loaves beliefs tomatoes potatoes tornadoes.....These are not terribly difficult, but you would be surprised how many adults misspell some of these words! Plurals can be challenging. We will work with this list of 20 words all week long (grammar, vocabulary and writing skills will incorporate the spelling words).No Spelling Test on Friday due to IOWA testing. :)

Math: continuing with Division and Word problems....real world math problems to solve and explain. Moby Max should be done every week (20 to 30 minutes per week).

Social Studies: I trust that everyone has started on their state report and hat project! Due date May 2nd. We will also work with partners on landmarks around the world. Using a variety of media....clay, paint, blocks, paper etc. students will plan, design and build their landmark; be able to explain it, and tell which country it is in, size, why it's a landmark etc. Working together they will use any material necessary to recreate the one they chose to showcase. This is done in class. Notes will be taken.

* Our children's Mass on Sunday went very well, and I would like to thank Sophia Troiano for reading. She did an awesome job with the first reading fro m the Acts of the Apostles. As part of living as a Catholic, we must remember that worshipping together on Sunday (or Saturday vigil mass) is a wonderful way to celebrate our faith as a church family. Blessings to all!

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