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Greetings! This is a busy week for 3rd. grade with the continuing of the IOWA testing and other activities planned for our classroom. Yes, Monday will be testing in the morning and we will follow our regular "specials" schedule. Having said that, please remember that Tuesday is our GYM day. Our trip to Springfield Museum is on May 3rd. (all day) and we will be back for dismissal at SBS. There will be no testing on May 3rd.

Reminder: this Friday is First Friday and we do have school mass. Uniforms please, no dress down! Thanks. 

Reading: I plan on introducing a new genre to have the students relate to pictures...and how sometimes they say more than words. Our story is: "Talking Walls-Art for the People" and it has some wonderful illustrations of murals and how they influence daily lives. We will have a variety of class activities dealing with the theme of the story. Also, since I am not giving a weekly spelling test, all the list words which are content words from the story will be learned and the lessons will reflect the vocabulary skills needed for the reading.

Math: continue with our division and multiplication facts. Focus will be on thinking through word problems and being able to explain their answers. Please have the students use Moby Max during the week for at least 20 to 30 minutes per week. 

Religion: we will be reading at the Feast of the Ascension (a holyday of obligation) at the school mass. Our class is small (but mighty) and everyone will have a part in the mass. Look for more information to come...May 10th. is a holy day of obligation for all Catholics.We will celebrate when Jesus went back to his father in heaven

*All State reports and the state hat must be in by May 2nd. I appreciate everyone's hard work on this report/project. I will let you know when we will have our states parade in school. Thanks..




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